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DRAMP IDNAMEDescriptionMedical_useStage of developmentCompany
DRAMP18152IMX942Synthetic cationic host defense peptide,derivative of IDR-1 and indolicidinNosocomial infections, febrile,neutropeniaPhase IIInimex
DRAMP18153Opebacan21-amino-acid peptide derivative of bactericidal/permeability-increasing proteinEndotoxemia in hematopoetic,stem cell transplant,recipientsPhase I/IIXoma
DRAMP18154XOMA-6299-amino-acid peptide derivative of bactericidal/permeability-increasing proteinImpetigoPhase IIAXoma
DRAMP18155DiaPep277HSP60 derivative (24-mer peptide) that induces T regulatory cellsType 1 diabetes mellitusPhase IIIDeveloGen
DRAMP18156RDP58(Delmitide)Semisynthetic D-amino acid decapeptide derived from HLA class I B2702Inflammatory bowel diseasePhase II (Completed)Genzyme; licensed to Procter&Gamble
DRAMP18157Novexatin(NP213)cyclic cationic peptide derived from NovaBiotics arginine peptide platformtreatment of dermatophyte fungal infections such as onychomycosisPhase IIbUnknown
DRAMP18158PMX-30063(brilacidin)Defensin structural mimetic, non-peptide,small molecule/copolymerAcute bacterial skin infections caused by StaphylococcussppPhase IIPolyMedix
DRAMP18159Pexiganan acetate [MSI-78]Synthetic cationic host defense peptide(22-mer), magainin derivativeTopical antibioticPhase IIIFaliureMacroChem
DRAMP18161OP-145 (24-mer peptide)Synthetic 24-mer peptide derived from LL-37 for binding to lipopolysaccharides or lipoteichoic acidChronic bacterial middle ear infection.Phase II (Completed)OctoPlus; Leiden University (the Netherlands).
DRAMP18162BL2060Synthetic compound comprising fatty acid and lysine copolymersAnti-infectiveLead optimizationBioLineRx (Jerusalem).
DRAMP18163GhrelinEndogenous host-defence peptide,Synthetic constructAirway inflammation, chronic respiratory infection and cystic fibrosisPhase II (Completed)University of Miyazaki Third Department of Internal Medicine (Japan) and Papworth Hospital (UK).
DRAMP18164AP-214Synthetic derivative from HDP α-melanocyte-stimulating hormoneSepsis and post-surgical organ failurePhase II (Completed)Action Pharma A/S (Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark)
DRAMP18165CD-NPSynthetic chimeric 37-mer derived from combination of two natriuretic peptidesAcute decompensated failure (ADHF),Organ failurePhase IINile Therapeutics (United States, Minnesota).
DRAMP18166Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP; Endogenous HDP)No more descriptionAcute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and SepsisPhase IStony Brook University and State University of New York (United States, New York).
DRAMP18167Ruminococcin C (Bacteriocin)Ruminococcus gnavus E1Gastrointestinal tract infections; Stomach and intestine infections (Rat model; In-vivo)PreclinicalUnknown
DRAMP18168Planosporicin (Bacteriocin)Planomonospora sp. DSM14920Hospital-acquired infections; Multi-drug resistant strain (Murine model; In-vivo)PreclinicalUnknown
DRAMP18169ESL5Enterococcus faecalis SL-5Gastrointestinal tract infections; Stomach and intestine infections (Human model; In-vivo)PreclinicalUnknown
DRAMP18170Colicin E1 (Bacteriocin)Escherichia coli H22Gastrointestinal tract infections; Stomach and intestine infections (Murine model; In-vivo) PreclinicalUnknown
DRAMP18171Lactocin 160 (Bacteriocin)Lactobacillus rhamnosus 160Urogenital tract infections; Bacterial vaginosisPreclinicalUnknown
DRAMP18172Bacteriocin OR-7Lactobacillus salivarius NRRL B-30514Gastrointestinal tract infections; Campylobacter infection (Chicken model; In-vivo)PreclinicalUnknown
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