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We are responsible for maintaining the website daily and updating the database regularly. The updated information will be written in the Update page. Last updated on 2021-4-6.

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Contact: Zheng Heng, Ph.D.
Sub-platform of Biomedicine Technology Transfer of Technology Transfer Platform, Nanjing University National Demonstration Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
School of Life Science and Technology, China Pharmaceutical University;
Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Welcome to DRAMP Database

DRAMP(Data repository of antimicrobial peptides) is an open-access and manually curated database harboring diverse annotations of AMPs including sequences, structures, activities, physicochemical, patent, clinical and reference information. The clinical dataset also includes information on the clinical trial phase, therapeutic applications, company and preclinical or clinical AMP literature sources.

DRAMP currently contains 22209 entries, 5841 of which are general AMPs (containing natural and synthetic AMPs), 16110 patent AMPs and 77 AMPs in drug development (preclinical or clinical stage). In the latest update, we add 181 stapled antimicrobial peptides belonging to specific AMPs.

For the purpose of expanding the scope of AMPs design, DRAMP also holds 5909 candidate AMPs which are screened by some platforms whose antibacterial activities haven't been assayed. Such candidate AMPs are seen as an individule part and the total 22151 entries do not include them.

Data in the DRAMP is made available under an CCBY 4.0 License. You are entitled to access and use the services and download or extract data. The free services are offered for the purpose of providing access to summarized data, analytics, metadata, and bulk downloads. If you need the data from the DRAMP for research, please cite the article of original author for general and clinical AMPs, or obtain the authorization for patent AMPs.

We will conduct data mining and design work based on data collected of DRAMP, as those data are valuable for guiding develment and optimization of AMP-drugs. Prediction function based on computational strategies is also expected in our database. We will set out to establish Some high-efficient classifiers.

To all regular downloads, please cite our publications. If you find some errors in the website, please send an email to

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Citing Us:

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  • New Released Structures


    • April 6,2021 36 new entries about stapled antimicrobial or anticancer peptides have been added to DRAMP. 22 new general entries have also been added and 1 old entry has got updated.
    • February 28,2021 146 predicted structures of stapled peptides have been added to DRAMP.
    • January 8,2021 1371 new patent entries are added to DRAMP.
    • December 26,2020 There is a update about new entries and classification.
      • New classification in specific data which is "Predictive AMPs" has been updated in the browse list. The breif workflow of screening and prediction is available in Predictive AMPs.
      • 5909 new entries about predictive antimicriobial peptides are added in DRAMP, which are stored in Specific Data. Concrete activity data are not available in Predictive AMPs temporarily.
      • 21 new entries are added in DRAMP, which are stored in General dataset. All 21 entries are synthetic AMPs after screening
    • December 13,2020 DRAMP V3.0 has released. There is a big update about new entries and new classification.
      • New fileds, including Cytotoxicity, Linear/Cyclic(the shape of peptide), N-terminal Modification, C-terminal Modification, Other Modifications and Unusual Amimo Acids, Stereochemistry, are provided in General Data and Specific Data. Such information of nearly one thousand entries are updated and the updation is still ongoing.
      • New classification by data type which is Specific AMPs and the other one which is stapled AMPs have been updated in the Browse List.
      • 145 new entries about stapled antimicrobial peptides are added in DRAMP, which are stored in Specific Data. Enclosed alphanumerics and improved helical wheel diagram are used to describe stapling position in stapled AMPs. Original Sequence as a new filed is provided for convenience of comparison between stapled sequence and original unmodified sequence.
      • 18 new entries are added in DRAMP, which are stored in General Data, and they are original sequences of stapled AMPs.
      • Latest entries after DRAMP18193 are added into our local blast library. In our local library, Special amino acids are represented as X.
      • User interface of our website has been improved and some bugs are fixed
      • If you have any suggestions and comments, please write to We are preparing to publish our efforts to make DRAMP more well-known and help more researchers.
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    The database is developed by Dr.Zheng's team. This is the home page of the database, please use the navigation bar in the top of page to browse the database. If you encounter any problems in using this database, you can consult the FAQs/help pages for help or feedback to us, we will help you solve as soon as possible.

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