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Contact: Zheng Heng, Ph.D.
Sub-platform of Biomedicine Technology Transfer of Technology Transfer Platform, Nanjing University National Demonstration Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
School of Life Science and Technology, China Pharmaceutical University;
Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Welcome to DRAMP Database

DRAMP (data repository of antimicrobial peptides) is an open-access and manually curated database harboring diverse annotations of AMPs including sequence information, structure information, antimicrobial activity information, physicochemical information, patent information, clinical information and reference information. DRAMP currently contains 17611 entries, including 4833 general AMPs, 12704 patents and 74 peptides in drug development.

Clinical dataset is specically incorporated in our database, providing information of sequence, structure, activity (MIC in vitro), clinical trail, therapeutic application, company and a summary of literature sources of pre- or clinical AMPs, in order to offer a data source for drug development of antimicrobials.

Next, we will conduct data mining work and design work based on our collection of AMPs, as those data are valuable to guide AMP-drug development and optimization.

Prediction function based on computational strategies is also expected in our database. We set out to establish a high-efficient classifier on the large general dataset and consider to analyse the clinical dataset, though relatively small, using bioinformatic methods.

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Citing Us:

  • Fan, L.; Sun, J.; Zhou, M.; Zhou, J.; Lao, X.; Zheng, H.; Xu, H. DRAMP: a comprehensive data repository of antimicrobial peptides. Sci Rep, 2016, 6, 24482. PMID: 27075512
  • New Released Structures


    • September 12,2017 108 new entries of AMPs are added to the General dataset, including 17 bacteriocins, 102 natural AMPs and six synthetic AMPs. Some errors are fixed. 5 repeated entries are deleted.
    • February 26,2017 148 new entries of bacteriocins are added to the General dataset.
    • October 17,2016Five new entries -DRAMP18199, DRAMP18200, DRAMP18201, DRAMP18202, DRAMP18203, are added to the General dataset.
    • July 28,2016Two new entries -DRAMP18197, DRAMP18198, are added to the General dataset.
    • April 29,2016A new entry-DRAMP18196 is added.
    • Feburary 19,2016Newly released structures of Cm-p1, Hylin-a1, DEFA1, Protegrin-3, Protegrin-2, Anoplin, Defensin-BvL are registered.
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