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DRAMP IDPeptide NAMESourceBiological ActivitySwiss-Prot Entry
DRAMP18507SolyC (Plant defensin; tomato, plants)TomatoAntibacterial, Anti-Gram+, Anti-Gram-No entry found
DRAMP20795So-D1 (S. oleracea defensin 1; spinach defensins, plants)Spinacia oleracea (Spinach)AntibacterialP81572
DRAMP20796So-D6 (S. oleracea defensin 6, spinach defensins; plants)Spinacia oleracea (Spinach)AntibacterialP81567
DRAMP21203AmyI-1-18 (Oryza sativa L., Angiospermae, Plants)Oryza sativa subsp. japonica (Rice)Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Anti-gram-, AntifungalP17654
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