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DRAMP IDPeptide NAMESourceBiological ActivitySwiss-Prot Entry
DRAMP00305Endochitinase 1 (Plant defensin)Capsicum chinense (Scotch bonnet) (Bonnet pepper)AntifungalP86081
DRAMP00306Endochitinase 1 (Plant defensin)Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo) (Maidenhair tree)AntifungalP85343
DRAMP00307Endochitinase A1 (Plant defensin)Pisum sativum (Garden pea)AntifungalP21225
DRAMP00308Endochitinase 1 (Plant defensin)Taxus baccata (English yew)AntifungalP85337
DRAMP00309Endochitinase 2 (CHIT 2; Plant defensin)Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)AntifungalQ06014
DRAMP00310Endochitinase 2 (Plant defensin)Capsicum annuum var. annuum (Red pepper)AntifungalP86079
DRAMP00311Endochitinase 2 (Plant defensin)Capsicum chinense (Scotch bonnet) (Bonnet pepper)AntifungalP86082
DRAMP00312Endochitinase 2 (Plant defensin)Taxus baccata (English yew)AntifungalP85338
DRAMP00313Endochitinase 3 (CHIT 3; Plant defensin)Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)Antibacterial, AntifungalQ06015
DRAMP00314Endochitinase 3 (Plant defensin)Taxus baccata (English yew)AntifungalP85355
DRAMP00315Endochitinase 4 (CHIT 4; Plant defensin)Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)Antibacterial, AntifungalQ06016
DRAMP00316Endochitinase 1A (CHIT 1A; Plant defensin)Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)Antibacterial, AntifungalQ06012
DRAMP00317Endochitinase 1B (CHIT 1B; Plant defensin)Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)Antibacterial, AntifungalQ06013
DRAMP00318Endochitinase B (Plant defensin)Pisum sativum (Garden pea)AntifungalP21227
DRAMP00319Endochitinase (Plant defensin)Actinidia chinensis (Kiwi) (Yangtao)AntifungalP86473
DRAMP00320Acyclotide phyb-K (Plant defensin)Petunia hybrida (Petunia)unknowB3EWH6
DRAMP00321Acyclotide phyb-M (Plant defensin)Petunia hybrida (Petunia)unknowB3EWH7
DRAMP00322Insecticidal protein LA-a (Latex abundant protein a; Plant defensin)Morus alba (White mulberry)InsecticidalP86799
DRAMP00323Insecticidal protein LA-b (Latex abundant protein b; Plant defensin)Morus alba (White mulberry)InsecticidalP86800
DRAMP00324Protein PR-L1 (Plant defensin)Lupinus luteus (European yellow lupin)Antibacterial, AntifungalP83363
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