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DRAMP IDPeptide NAMESourceBiological ActivitySwiss-Prot Entry
DRAMP00275Snakin-1 (StSN1; Cys-rich; Plant defensin)Solanum tuberosum (potato)Antibacterial, AntifungalQ948Z4,Q9ZTX6
DRAMP00336ChaC7 (Chassatide C7; uncyclotides; Plant defensin)Chassalia chartaceaUnkonwNo entry found
DRAMP00337ChaC8 (Chassatide C8; uncyclotides; Plant defensin)Chassalia chartaceaUnkonwNo entry found
DRAMP00338ChaC11 (Chassatide C11; uncyclotides; Plant defensin)Chassalia chartaceaUnkonwNo entry found
DRAMP00384Cc-GRP (Gly-rich; Plants)Coffea canephoraAntifungalNo entry found
DRAMP00385Panitide L2 (plants)Panicum laxumAntibacterialNo entry found
DRAMP00416Raphanus sativus Antifungal Protein 3 (Rs-AFP3; Plant defensin)Raphanus sativus (Radish) & Brassica napus (Rape)AntifungalO24332,Q39313
DRAMP00417Raphanus sativus Antifungal Protein 4 (Rs-AFP4; Plant defensin)Raphanus sativus (Radish)AntifungalO24331
DRAMP00422Defensin-like protein 1 (Sa-AFP1; Plant defensin)Sinapis alba (White mustard) (Brassica hirta)AntifungalP30231
DRAMP00423Defensin-like protein 2 (Sa-AFP2; Plant defensin)Sinapis alba (White mustard) (Brassica hirta)AntifungalNo entry found
DRAMP00425Tn-AFP1 (Trapa natans antifungal peptide; Plant defensin)Trapa natansAntifungalNo entry found
DRAMP00431Defensin-like protein 2 (Cp-thionin II; Cp-thionin-2; Gamma-thionin II; Plant defensin)Vigna unguiculata (Cowpea)AntibacterialP84920
DRAMP00436Pisum sativum defensin 1 (Psd1; Plant defensin)Pisum sativum (Garden pea)AntifungalP81929
DRAMP00437Pisum sativum defensin 2 (Psd2; Plant defensin)Pisum sativum (Garden pea)AntifungalP81930
DRAMP00450Defensin-like protein 2A (AFP2A; M2A; Plant defensin)Sinapis alba (White mustard) (Brassica hirta)AntifungalP30232
DRAMP00454Petunia hybrida defensin 1 (PhD1; Cys-rich; Plant defensin)Petunia hybrida (Petunia)AntifungalQ8H6Q1
DRAMP00764Piceain 1 (Plants)Picea sitchensisAntibacterial, AntifungalNo entry found
DRAMP00765Piceain 2 (Plants)Picea sitchensisAntibacterial, AntifungalNo entry found
DRAMP00766JCpep7 (Plants)Jatropha curcasUnkonwNo entry found
DRAMP00774Hedyotide B1 (hB1; Plants)Hedyotis biflora (aerial tissues)AntibacterialNo entry found
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