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DRAMP IDPeptide NAMESourceBiological ActivitySwiss-Prot Entry
DRAMP00264Coconut antifungal peptide (Plants)Cocos nuciferaAntifungal, AntiviralNo entry found
DRAMP00265Putative antimicrobial protein 1 (Ls-AMP1; Plant defensin)Lippia sidoides (Pepper-rosmarin)AntifungalP86895
DRAMP00266Putative antimicrobial protein 2 (Ls-AMP2; Plant defensin)Lippia sidoides (Pepper-rosmarin)AntifungalP86896
DRAMP00267Antifungal lectin AMML (AMML; Plant defensin)Astragalus mongholicus (Huang qi) (Astragalus membranaceus varmongholicus)AntifungalP85004
DRAMP00268Antifungal protein Pr-2 (Pr-2; Plant defensin)Cucurbita maxima (Pumpkin) (Winter squash)AntifungalP86796
DRAMP00269Antifungal protein 1 (GAFP-1; Plant defensin)Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)AntifungalP86920
DRAMP00270Osmotin (CpOsm; Plant defensin)Calotropis procera (Roostertree) (Asclepias procera)AntifungalP86363
DRAMP00271Osmotin-like protein (Thaumatin-like protein; Plant defensin)Hevea brasiliensis (Para rubber tree) (Siphonia brasiliensis)AntifungalP83491
DRAMP00272Thaumatin-like protein (Plants)Castanopsis chinensis (Chinese chinquapin) (Kweilin chestnut)Antifungal, AntiviralP83957
DRAMP00273Thaumatin-like protein (Plants)Phaseolus vulgaris (Kidney bean) (French bean)AntifungalP83959
DRAMP00274Amaryllin (Plant defensin)Amaryllis belladonna (Naked lady lily)AntifungalP86781
DRAMP00276Snakin-2 (StSN2; Cys-rich; Plant defensin)Solanum tuberosum (Potato)Antibacterial, AntifungalQ93X17,A1YN11,Q948Z5
DRAMP00277Potamin-1 (PT-1; Plants)Solanum tuberosum (Potato)Antifungal, AntibacterialP84813
DRAMP00278Antifungal protein J (AFP-J; Plants)Solanum tuberosum (Potato)AntifungalP84794
DRAMP00279Plastocyanin (Plants)Ulva pertusa (Sea lettuce)AntiviralP56274
DRAMP00280Trypsin inhibitor (FtTI; Plant defensin)Fagopyrum tataricum (Tartarian buckwheat) (Polygonum tataricum)AntifungalP86971
DRAMP00281Defensin-like protein 230 (Disease resistance response protein 230; Plant defensin)Pisum sativum (Garden pea)unknowQ01783
DRAMP00282Defensin-like protein P322 (Probable protease inhibitor P322; Plant defensin)Solanum tuberosum (Potato)AntifungalP20346
DRAMP00283Defensin Ec-AMP-D1 (Plant defensin)Echinochloa crus-galli (Barnyard grass) (Panicum crus-galli)AntifungalP86518
DRAMP00284Defensin-like protein 1 (SI alpha-1; Plant defensin)Sorghum bicolor (Sorghum) (Sorghum vulgare)AntifungalP21923
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